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Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing

We started and built our business with boat detailing.  It is our specialty.  The pride of our business comes from regularly cleaning some of the biggest and most well known boats on the lake.  No boat is too big or too small: We have cleaned the 15′ fishing boats to the 60 foot yachts. Neglecting […]

Boat Washing

Tired of cleaning your boat?  Is it cutting into your time on the water? We can give you back that valuable time with your friends and family by having your boat ready when you arrive!  Please give us a call to set up an as needed cleaning or we can reserve certain days for your […]

House Cleaning & Yard Maintenance

One of our most popular services is house cleaning and yacht interior cleaning.  Our house cleaners have proven the attention to detail, trustworthiness, and reliability to our customers over the years.  We prefer that we set you up with a regular schedule, so our cleaning staff gets to know your likes and dislikes, but we […]

Concierge Services

A few years ago, after cleaning many boats and meeting with numerous lake visitors, we saw the need for a service that gives people back their invaluable time on the water with family and friends.  We offer any service imaginable, from getting your boat and house ready to grocery shopping, present delivery, turning on your […]