Lake of the Ozarks Concierge, LLC is the solution to adding valuable time to your vacations and eliminating the hassle and stress of owning a second home and boat.  In the summer of 2006, while sitting in the lake, we realized the need for a professional service that would allow lake patrons the luxury of arriving at their lake property and immediately beginning their fun and relaxation with friends and family. They would no longer arrive at their lake property and before their fun could begin: clean their house, complete maintenance, go grocery shopping, run errands, fill coolers, and wash the boat. According to the old way; by the time all of the weekly chores were completed, an evening, or even a full day, has expired. With the innovations by Lake of the Ozarks Concierge, they now can walk straight from their car, through their clean air conditioned house, and onto their uncovered immaculate boat and quality time can begin. All, because they used a trustworthy service that gave them back those lost hours.

About Us:

jimphotoJim Enochs- Owner/President

Jim joined the team in the Spring of 2008 to help keep up with the rapid growth.  He graduated from Missouri State in Springfield, MO with a Hotel and Restaurant Administration degree.  His degree gave him an education in customer service which comes in handy on a daily basis.  He seized the opportunity to move to the lake and utilize his hardworking and customer service orientated personality.  During his free time, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife and their new baby, wake boarding, and hiking on the many trails the Ozark Region has to offer. jim@easylakeliving.com


Our Team

We show up on time, treat your property as if it was our own, always do extra, and leave your place looking better than when we arrived.  We take pride in the way we look and way your assets look.  How many other service businesses do you use who can say that?